Chesapeake Bay Skipjack

9/7/15: Ida May comes in 5th Place in the Deal Island Skipjack Races 2015

The Ida May remembers Capt. John Price, who died just one month ago.  We miss you John!!!

Dickie Webster stepped up in our time of need and took the helm of the Ida May in this year's Deal Island Races.  Thank you Dickie!  

There was no wind at all.  It reminded me of those years in the 70's and 80's when we'd bake under the sun and drift in the tide.  There was such little wind that the finish line became the first buoy, and only half the boats could even make that!!!   Once the tide turned against us, we actually went backwards for over an hour.  Somehow we got 5th place.  The Virginia W (haven't seen her in awhile; welcome back) won the race.  

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