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December 2010 Blog Posts (4)

12/17/10: Working on the Cabin at Frank's Woodshop

Gordon, Elbert, and David Gladden, along with Frank Antes and Tom Evans, work on the Ida May's cabin inside Franks' warm wood shop.  Winter has chased us indoors and we appreciate Frank for letting us use his shop.  Notice how long the steel rods are that we have to drive into the sides of the cabin.  Nothing is easy.  Lucky we have a Dewalt Rotary Hammer to drive the rods down.  Once the rotary hammer drives the rods down deep into the wood, we use the sledgehammer and the 4 pound maul to… Continue

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William Kavanek (Fine Art Painter of the Ida May): In His Own Words

William Kavanek (1924-2008) was the preeminent fine art painter/interpreter of the Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Ida May.  He was a carpenter for most of his life, working with Edward Tschauder and also with Walter Skor.  Always having an art interest, and with no formal training, he began a successful career as a full-time artist in 1978, specializing in marine art.  He became fascinated with the Chesapeake Bay oystering industry in general, and with this one skipjack boat in…


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12/4/10: At Scott's Cove/Delusional

Elbert, Gordon, and David Gladden and Tom Evans work on the starboard side rail of the Ida May. Elbert's back was hurting him today; all that bending over and sawing with the circular saw. He's a real magician with the saw, though.  Notice on the video how Elbert had to cut a difficult curve in wood.  No straight pieces here!  During fruit break, Gordon and Elbert discuss the 57 Chevy's they both owned and how things are different now than they once were.… Continue

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12/1/10: At Beauchamp's Lumber

Gordon and David Gladden and Frank Antes go to Beauchamp's Lumber near Pocomoke, MD to have a taper and an angle cut on a long, thick piece of oak wood.  This piece of oak will become the Ida May's stem piece.  Mr. Scot Beauchamp owns a hydraulic saw, known as the "Wood Mizer," and he really knows how to handle it.  We saved ourselves a lot of work by coming to Beauchamp's to get our stem cut.  He operates out of an old chicken house. 

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