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7/10/10: Stern Post

Elbert, Gordon, and David Gladden work on the new Stern Post for the Ida May while Wesley supervises.

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7/3/10: Longitudinal Board

Elbert, Gordon, and David Gladden and Cody Donalds replace the longitudinal board of the port side of the Ida May. The longitudinal board runs parallel to the keelson on the inside of the boat and provides support and stability for the perpendicular running bottom boards.

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5/29/10: Tight Quarters

Elbert, Gordon, and David worked in cramped quarters in the starboard stern/cabin/sides area. We screwed in what we call the longitudinal board, which is the brace for the bottom boards. We had to bend the board quite a bit to match the shear of the boat, but we were very satisfied with the results. Now that we have finished so much of the bottom, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to get inside the boat. The work becomes that much harder in the cramped quarters; screwing boards,… Continue

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5/15/10: Replacing Bottom Boards

It was a beautiful day to work in Chance, MD. Breezy, not too humid, and sunny. The wind is keeping the bugs down, thankfully, but when the wind dies, the no-see-ums eat us alive. We're moving slowly but surely, replacing bottom boards on the port side. Fifteen more weeks until Labor Day! We are hoping to be in the Deal Island Skipjack Races this year.

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5/1/10: Worked Full Day and Wore Gordon Out

We worked a full day on the Ida May. The weather was perfect, especially once we erected our tarp to shield us from the sun. We put on 6 bottom boards and wore Gordon completely out. The morning was easy and fast work, but the afternoon proved slower and more difficult. Sometimes the boards just slide into place and other times it's a struggle to fit. We plane the board a little here and a little there, put the board into place, and then realize we have to shave off a little more. A few times… Continue

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4/10/10 and 4/24/10 Videos Posted

After a long winter, Gordon, Elbert, and David Gladden are back to working almost every week on the Ida May at Scott's Cove in Chance, MD. The videos of 4/10 and 4/24/10 are now posted and there will be more videos and pictures to follow.

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3/20/10: Sanding/Grinding and First Aid

Just Gordon and David today. Elbert not feeling well. More sanding, or is it grinding? Gordon cuts his finger open with the electric grinder tool. Ouch! The cut is broad but not too deep. We bandage Gordon up and he continues working. He is tough. We apply some West System to some particularly rough parts. Next week we will finish sanding and start painting.

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3/6/10: Sanded and Painted Ida May

We worked a half day today, sanding and painting the boat. The day turned out to be chillier than we anticipated it being. The wind was blowing and unless you were in the sun, it was downright cold. We accomplished what we set out to do today, and because of what we did today, we will be better ready to start big projects in the spring when it warms up.

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12/19/09: Snowed Out

Needless to say, we didn't work on the Ida May. Chance received 4 inches of snow. Windy and cold, too.

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12/12/09: Too Cold To Work

We're taking a break again this week from working on the Ida May. Elbert's still not feeling well and the weather is too windy and cold. Hopefully it will warm up by next weekend.

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12/05/2009: Rain Out At Scott's Cove

We skipped this Saturday, 12/5/09, working on the Ida May. It was cold and rainy and Elbert wasn't feeling well; he has a head cold! Hopefully, we'll be down Scott's Cove next Saturday, 12/12/09, replacing the rest of the starboard bottom. Stay tuned for updates.

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This information is taken from the website of the Maryland Historical Trust at:

Ida May:

Description: This vessel is a 42.2' long two-sail bateau, or V-bottom deadrise type of centerboard sloop, commonly referred to as a skipjack. She was built in 1906 in Urbanna or Deep Creek, Virginia, using… Continue

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