Chesapeake Bay Skipjack

8/7/10: Tearing Out Rotten Boards From the Port Side

Gordon and David Gladden spent the day tearing out rotten boards and pulling stubborn nails. Elbert Gladden took the day off to watch, get this, 5 games of fast pitch softball!!! Elbert loves fast pitch and tries to watch it anytime he can. He still plays softball (modified) at 75 years of age.

Notice on the video segment of this week's work the Skipjack Fannie Daugherty, owned by Capt. Delmas Benton, in the background, on blocks at Scott's Cove Marina.

While Gordon and David were working, three little boys were mudlarking around, crabbing at the docks, and having fun. They reminded Gordon of his own childhood; he did the same things. Although much has changed in the Chance/Deal Island/Wenona area, some things remain refreshingly the same.

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