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8/22/2014: Getting Ready to Race

The Ida May has been hauled, painted, and caulked.  She is getting ready to race and defend her crown from last year's Deal Island Skipjack Races.  The Ida May just might be the fastest skipjack on the Chesapeake Bay and we look forward to sailing.  We have a new mast and boom from Cropper Brother's Lumber and we hope for fair wind on Labor Day!

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5/6/2014: Patching the Ida May push boat at Ruark Boatworks

Video on the Repair to the Ida May's yawl boat on Delmarva Now:

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4/29/2014: Repairs and Damage

We're working on getting the Ida May and her yawl boat in good repair and working order for this coming sailing and racing season.  The yawl boat's engine didn't appreciate submersion in the Choptank River when we capsized in the 2013 Skipjack Heritage Race in Cambridge and it's been giving us trouble getting repaired.  We look forward to seeing everyone on the water in 2014!!!  

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9/23/13: Ida May raised up and pumped out

The Ida May has been raised up from being submerged in the Choptank River and she is all pumped out.  Got a rip in our mainsail and other small repairs to be made, but everyone is safe and the boat is in good shape.  Thanks to everyone who helped out in the rescue and recovery.  The Ida May certainly made things exciting this year and I daresay that we are the fastest boat in the Bay!!! 

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9/21/13: Ida May Capsizes at 2013 Choptank Heritage Skipjack Races

Here's the link to the story in the Sun:,0,5622374.story

Mary Sue Gladden, Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Expert!!!

Captain John Price had sailed a brilliant race up to the point when we capsized.  He had maneuvered the Ida May from the back of the pack into first place with only one…


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9/2/13: Ida May First Place at Deal Island Skipjack Races

The Ida May won First Prize at the Deal Island Skipjack Races 2013!!!  Quite a turn of events for the Ida May, considering last week we weren't sure if we were even going to be in the race at all.  We discovered that our mast was rotten.  We were stunned because it was only two years old, but we had beetles bore into the mast and when we took the mast out of the boat it broke apart in three pieces.  Luckily, we borrowed a mast from Stoney Whitelock's Helen Virginia, who is at Scott's Cove…


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8/13/13: Ida May Hauled At Scott's Cove Marina

The Ida May is sitting in a group of 5 skipjacks at Scott's Cove Harbor in Chance MD, preparing to get her bottom coppered.  She is sitting with the Somerset, Hilda Willing, Fannie Daugherty, and City of Crisfield.  What a sight!

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7/1/2013: "The Ida May Project" exhibition will be at the Bethel Heritage Museum starting 7/14/13

 "The Ida May Project" exhibition will be at the Bethel Heritage Museum in Bethel DE starting 7/14/13.  Located on North Main Street is the Bethel Heritage Museum, exhibiting Nanticoke and Chesapeake Bay shipbuilding history and heritage. Free.  The hours are limited to every Sunday 2p-4p,  Call the museum at (302) 875-5425 or (302) 875-5871 for any questions concerning hours or directions.   The exhibit consists of "The Ida May Project" Documentary Movie being screened along with Skipjack…


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6/14/13: Ida May docked back at Deal Island Harbor

Captain John Price brought the Ida May back home to Deal Island from Pocomoke.  There was enough wind for him to sail her once he got into the Tangier Sound.  The Ida May is now docked in her regular slip in the Deal Island Harbor.

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Ida May docked at Delmarva Discover Center Winter/Spring 2013

The Ida May is docked at the Delmarva Discover Center in Pocomoke MD for the Winter/Spring 2013.  She will be back to Deal Island in May 2013.  

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9/22/12: Choptank Heritage Race

We came in 6th (out of 7 boats) in the Choptank Heritage Skipjack Race, but it was a beautiful day to sail and we had a great time.  We beat the Hilda Willing, the other boat to come up from the Tangier Sound, so we have bragging rights on being the fastest boat in Deal Island Harbor.

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9/3/12: 2nd Place in the Deal Island Skipjack Races

The Skipjack Ida May won second place in the 52nd Annual Deal Island Skipjack Race.  We were the first boat across the starting line and the first boat around the first buoy.  Coming back down the Tangier Sound, the perennial winner, Rebecca Ruark, hauled us down and passed us.  We held off the Somerset to take 2nd.  Considering that we were always in the rear of the pack in previous Labor Days, we were very happy with today's outcome.  Our success was not a surprise to us.  We had a good…


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8/30/12: Ready to Race

The Ida May is ready for the Deal Island Skipjack Race.  We have brand new sails and, essentially, a brand new boat, so we're hoping to place this year.

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6/27/12: New Sails

We got new sails for the Ida May today.  They arrived in the mail in two large packages:  main and jib.  We blew our jib sail out at the Deal Island Labor Day Skipjack Races 2012 and had to borrow Stony Whitelock's jib for the Cambridge Race.  We think with a new set of sails that the Ida May will sail better than she ever has before.

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The Ida May Project opening at the Delmarva Discovery Center

This blog has been part of a larger project we've been working on about the Ida May for several years now.  In addition to this blog, the project also includes a documentary film, an audio/visual installation and a community screening program.  We will be having an exhibition at the Delamarva Discovery Center from June 2- Sept 8 where the Ida May will be docked from June 2-16, the documentary will be shown for the duration of the exhibition, the audio/visual installation will be on display,…


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9/24/11: Ida May wins Second Place at Cambridge Skipjack Races

The Ida May won second place at the Cambridge Skipjack Races on 9/24/11 in a photo finish.  Captain John Price and the Ida May beat out Lawrence Murphy and the Thomas Clyde by a nose.  It was an exciting finish for the race and it was the culmination of six year's hard work.  The race day gave us light breezes, which favors our light and small boat.  The larger boats with more sail are faster than us, but in a light breeze, we have an advantage.   Many thanks to Capt. Harold Whitelock of the…


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9/5/11: Deal Island Labor Day Skipjack Races

The Ida May was forced to drop out early from the Annual Deal Island Skipjack Races 2011 due to the strong blustery wind ripping her jib sail to shreds.  We were happy to get out and compete, though, but we will be even happier when we buy her some new sails.  Fourteen Skipjacks competed in the race and they were a beautiful sight to behold heeled over and sails full.  To watch that many Skipjacks sailing is like going back in time.

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8/18/11: The Mast is Set in the Ida May

We set the mast in the Skipjack Ida May today. Many thanks to Harold Whitelock and his expertise with the heavy machinery.  We are that much closer to having sails on the boat and racing her on Labor Day!

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Song for the Ida May

Hey Elbert, Gordon, Dean and family.  It's Rick Morris, "Porky".  I wrote a short song about the Ida May and wanted you to have it.


Good luck at the races. My money's on Ida May.


Rick Morris



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8/6/11: Mast and Boom Delivery

We delivered the mast and boom down to Scott's Cove in Chance MD and the next step will be to set the mast.  First, though, we will need to work on the mast, get the rigging done, and make the bottom of the pole fancy.  We are inching our way to completion!!!

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